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Further to our telephone conversation earlier and your request, we are writing you to provide the list of documents required to receive the accompanying bibliographic service including ISBN for the legal entity for publications in Kazakhstan:

1. Request form (with identification of timeframe - regular/urgent) - attached. Please fill in the form, print out, sign and send us the scanned version by email.      
2. Standard contract for provision of Bibliographic services (optional, not mandatory). The contract that we have is in Russian Записи с максимаркетс отзывы' вы можете найти на сайте language. In case if you would like to conclude a contract with us, please let us know accordingly, so that we will be able to send you English version as well (for your information) but note that its translation will take some time).   
3. State registration certificate of the legal entity that applies for ISBN for the first time. We need it in order to register the entity in the international publisher database.         
4. Charter of the legal entity that applies for ISBN for the first time.     
5. Short author biography (only one, the first author), which will be included to the administration database.     
6. Abstract (brief description, text up to 300 characters).

Please kindly send us the scan copies of all documents to: 

Timeframe for provision of Bibliographic services (including ISBN assigning): “regular” takes up to 12 working days, “urgent” takes from 1 to 3 working days. The fee for “regular” service is 5,050 Kazakh Tenge (approximately, 12 Euro), while “urgent” is 6,500 Kazakh Tenge (approximately 15 Euro) for the year of 2019. The amounts in Euro are subject to change depending on the exchange rate fluctuations.

Below are the bank details for making payment: 

Specialized Bibliographic Agency Company (Individual Entrepreneur)

Address: 2/76, Pushkin street, office 701

Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan 

Business identification number (BIN) 630104302052

“Narodnyi Bank Kazakhstana” JSC


Payment code - 859

KBE - 19

Account in Tenge: KZ976010131000152042


Account in Euro:

KZ706010131000152043 (EUR)

Please note that we may request additional documents/information apart from above, if necessary.

Please also note that accompanying bibliographic service including ISBN assigning will be provided once the fee for service is prepaid or paid in full amount (it is required to provide the document confirming the payment).

Please let us know should you have any questions. 

We hope that the above is useful. 

Thank you for contacting us.


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